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CMIP6 Future Climate Projections

Leverage the power of CMIP6, a cutting-edge dataset, to explore comprehensive future climate projections. Our API endpoint is designed to deliver tailored insights into various climate scenarios, assisting stakeholders in sectors ranging from agriculture to urban development to anticipate and adapt to impending climate dynamics.

Select a Climate Model

Each climate model in the CMIP6 suite offers unique projections based on sophisticated simulation algorithms. Choose a model to explore the corresponding climate variables and scenarios.

HadGEM3-GC31-MM is a sophisticated component of the Hadley Centre's climate modeling suite, characterized by its medium-resolution (GC3.1) for comprehensive climate system analysis. The "MM" denotes its specific configuration designed for multi-decadal simulations, setting it apart with its ability to resolve finer-scale processes and interactions within the Earth's climate system.


🔍 Model Variables

  Explore a suite of climate variables provided by the HadGEM3-GC31-MM model:


  • tasmin: Minimum Near-Surface Air Temperature (K)
  • tasmax: Maximum Near-Surface Air Temperature (K)
  • tas: Mean Near-Surface Air Temperature (K)
  • sfcWind: Surface Wind Speed (m/s)
  • pr: Precipitation Rate (mm/day)


🔍 Model Scenarios

We are able to offer the following pathways for this model:

  • SSP1-2.6 - Sustainability Path: A scenario dedicated to achieving a sustainable and low-carbon future, where CO2 emissions are significantly curtailed.

  • SSP5-8.5 - Fossil-Fueled Development: A pathway characterized by high greenhouse gas emissions and an increased dependency on fossil fuels.


References and Further Reading:

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