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We are a SaaS based and weather-oriented decision making platform based in Zurich, Switzerland.

We’re offering a

Weather Intelligence Platform

Dashboard View

Achieve a birds-eye view of your entire portfolio's assets or activities, and see all risks at a glance

Site View

Dive Deep into a specific site to understand and prepare for any upcoming risk

Operational and Historical Data

Plan and understand risk by accessing historical data from 1950 until present, and into the future by 7 months


Find desired windows of opportunity to execute one or many tasks which can act alone or be dependent on one another


Ensure you're never caught off guard by purchasing the required supplies to overcome any threat or capitalize on any opportunity

Spatial Tracking

Understand threats that may influence you along a journey and deteremine the best time to start

Our work process

Our platform is designed for front-line workers!

ClimaLinks offers a variety of benefits using our novel technology


Translated Weather Information (i.e., Weather Intelligence)


Suite of Decision Making Tools


Short-Medium-Long Range Forecasts


Our Pilot Projects

We are always looking for more Pilot Project Partners

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Our Team

Dr. Jake Casselman
Co-Founder & CEO

Jake Casselman, has a Ph.D. from ETH Zurich in Subseasonal to Seasonal Weather Predictions, and a Master's degree from Columbia University, in Climate and Society. Growing up in a dairy farming family, Jake has an intimate understanding of how weather and climate issues hamper farmers.

Annie Chang
Co-Founder & CRO

Annie Chang, is a second-year Ph.D. candidate at ETH Zurich in Water Resources Management, focusing on drought prediction. As an environmental engineer by training, Annie worked in land development consulting for four years specializing in flood protection.