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About the Company

ClimaLinks stands at the forefront of weather intelligence innovation. Our commitment lies in converting intricate weather data into actionable insights, with the goal of pioneering change across various sectors including construction, civil engineering, and agriculture. We envision a world where weather information empowers businesses to make smarter, safer, and more efficient decisions.

Embark on the ClimaLinks voyage by exploring our story, our diverse array of services, and our ambitious vision for the future. Dive into the details on our blog.

Our Mission & Vision

Mission: To transform weather data from a passive reference into an active decision-making tool.

Vision: A future where weather data isn't just accurate, but indispensable for proactive strategies and operations.

Our Founders

Dr. Jake Casselman

Dr. Jake Casselman, CEO

Jake Casselman, our CEO and Co-Founder, brings a wealth of knowledge and leadership to ClimaLinks. With his extensive background in atmospheric physics and agriculture, Jake truly understands the intricacies of weather and climate science. His passion and expertise have been pivotal in driving ClimaLinks to success.

Annie Yuan-Yuan Chang

Annie Yuan-Yuan Chang, CRO

Annie Chang, our CRO and Co-Founder, is the driving force behind our customer-centric approach. Her diverse background spanning customer relations, environmental engineering, and water resources management ensures that ClimaLinks always prioritizes the needs of its clients. Annie's dedication is a testament to ClimaLinks' commitment to providing unparalleled value.

Our Partners and Affiliations

Along our journey, we've been supported by numerous organizations. Some of our esteemed partners include:

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Media Coverage

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