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About the Company

ClimaLinks is at the forefront of weather intelligence, born from the innovative minds of Dr. Jake Casselman and Annie Chang, both accomplished PhDs from ETH Zurich. Our mission is to redefine the relationship between businesses and weather data, transforming static forecasts into dynamic decision-making tools. We aim to set new standards in weather intelligence by offering bespoke solutions that cater specifically to sectors like construction, civil engineering, agriculture, viticulture, government, and retail.

Our service offerings, including the Weather Relations Management (WRM) Software and Data-as-a-Service (DaaS), are designed to empower businesses. We turn complex weather information into actionable insights, enabling companies in weather-sensitive industries to operate more efficiently and safely. Our focus extends beyond mere forecast accuracy; we emphasize forecast usability. By implementing unique indices and utilizing generative AI, we ensure every asset and activity is accurately tagged, providing a tailored and comprehensive approach to weather-related challenges.

What differentiates ClimaLinks in the competitive landscape of weather intelligence is our commitment to practical usability paired with advanced technology. Our approach is not just to inform but to empower businesses in their decision-making processes, helping them navigate and thrive in an ever-changing climate.

We invite you to join us on this journey of innovation and discovery. Explore our blog and learn more about our revolutionary solutions and how we're enabling businesses to make informed, efficient, and safe decisions in response to weather dynamics.

Our Mission & Vision

Mission: To transform weather data from a passive reference into an active decision-making tool.

Vision: A future where weather data isn't just accurate, but indispensable for proactive strategies and operations.

Our Leadership

Meet our team

Dr. Jake Casselman

Dr. Jake Casselman

CEO / Co-Founder

As the CEO and Co-Founder of ClimaLinks, Jake Casselman combines his expertise in atmospheric physics and agriculture to lead our company. His knowledge in these areas is crucial for developing our weather and climate-related services. Jake's focus on innovation and practical solutions has been essential in guiding ClimaLinks towards its current success.

Annie Yuan-Yuan Chang

Annie Yuan-Yuan Chang

CRO / Co-Founder

Annie Chang, our CRO and Co-Founder, is central to ClimaLinks' client-focused approach. With a background in customer relations, environmental engineering, and water resources management, she ensures that our services meet the specific needs of our clients. Annie's commitment to understanding and addressing these needs is key to the value ClimaLinks offers.


Steffen Ehrhardt

Steffen Ehrhardt

Business Advisor

Steffen is a Business Advisor at ClimaLinks, leveraging his extensive experience with tech startups and sustainability projects to help guide our strategic decisions.

Our Partners and Affiliations

Along our journey, we've been supported by numerous organizations. Some of our esteemed partners include:

ETH AI CenterRunwayStudent Project HouseSwiss Prop Tech